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Blue Exorcist, also known as Ao no Exorcist (青の祓魔師 Ao no Ekusoshisuto?) in Japan, is a manga written and illustrated by Kazue Kato. The manga has been serialized in Jump Square magazine by Shueisha since April 2009, with individual chapters collected into five tankōbon volumes as of July 2, 2010. The one-shot of the manga was first featured in the September 2008 issue of Jump Square and was titled Miyamauguisu House Case (深山鶯邸事件 Miyamauguisu-tei Jiken?). As of April 4, 2011, 24 chapters have been released in Japan.

Viz Media has licensed the manga for North American production, with the first volume released in April 5, 2011 and the fifth volume scheduled for release in December 6, 2011.Blue Exorcist has also been released in the Shonen Jump Advanced magazine starting April 5, 2011. The North American book distributor Simon & Schuster listed the first volume of Kazue Katō's Blue Exorcist manga for release by Viz Media this April 2011.

:bulletred: Español
Ao no exorcist (青の祓魔師 Ao no Ekusoshisuto/Futsumashi?) también conocido como Blue exorcist, se trata de un manga escrito e ilustrado por Kazue Kato. El manga fue publicado en la Jump Square, revista perteneciente a Shueisha, desde el 2009. En este periodo sus capitulos han sido recogidos en 5 volúmenes Tankõnbon. El one-shot del manga aparecio en 2008 en la Jump Square y se titulaba Miyama Ying House Case (深山鶯邸事件?). Hasta la fecha del 24 de Abril del 2011 han sido publicados 24 capítulos del manga en Japón.
El mundo de Ao no Exorcist está compuesto de 2 dimensiones unidas en una como un espejo. El primer mundo es el de los humanos, Assiah, el segundo el de los demonios, Gehenna. Por norma los viajes y contactos entre los 2 mundos son imposibles, pero los demonios pueden ir al mundo humano y poseer todo lo que lo compone. Satanás el dios de los demonios quiere entrar al mundo humano pero no puede porque no tiene un cuerpo lo suficientemente resistente como para que le mantenga en este mundo, de esa manera creó a Rin Okumura hijo suyo con una mujer humana, pero resulta que no todo le sale como quiere y Rin no quiere seguir con los planes de su padre. Después de un intento por llevarse a Rin al mundo de los demonios y de matar a su protector el padre Fujimoto el hijo de Satan decide ir convertirse en un exorcista para así matar a su propio padre.


:target: 'ask the okumura twins' By :iconjoyejoyu:

:target:3D no Exorcist by :iconyoru-dragon:
My friends and me are working on an Ao no Exorcist fan project caled 3D no Exorcist. Its a youtube chanal where we will be uploading fanmade episodes , shorts and sketches in the future. until now we have a 2 trailers a short one and a long one
right now they arent uploaded on 3DnoExorcist because of a fiew tecnical problems but they will be up soon.
Well anyway Im wrighting to ask if it would be possible to mention us in a thread or something, because we realy need comments/critisism/and tipps....It would be nice if you would post a link to my weblog and a link with the trailer.

thanks fo reading ;D

for more info check out my weblog :D

:target: FaceBook by :iconfourblood:

I would mean alot If if some of you guys like'd my facebook page!


:target:EN ESPAÑOL
:bulletgreen:kaiafa :iconkaiafa:

:bulletblue: OkumuraTwins :iconokumuratwins:


:target: I'd like to ask if you could maybe feature my journal about it in your group. thank you

:bulletyellow:Dreamfang :icondreamfang:

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Mature Only

Mature Content

AoEx and TF2 in The Rocky Horror Picture Show by medicphisto


Question from 780000 :iconspicytaco1:
Could you guys tell me a list of well known villains besides Satan ?

I wanna know all the villains of Blue Exorcist besides Satan. I watch all the episodes but I havent read all the manga.



Final Cosplay Fanvideo by Frenshman-James :iconfrenshman-james:
Hey guys, as I promissed, here is the link to the final Ao No Ex-Fanvideo
we shooted a month ago.

It was released two weeks ago but unfortunatly I hasn`t the time to post it here.…

It would be great if you could write a few words in the comments of the video. Because Aylin had worked over 3 weeks on the cut and the music and she did a great job.

So have fun to watch the video an thank you very much for the support



Amaimon-X-Readers by OldMagick :iconazezalle:
Me again.. :/ Another poll I really need votes on, to get everyone's opinion. Thanks!…


If you have any questions or wish to share or something to say, please do so in the group inbox.
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